Please keep in mind that Radmob is not an app, it is a website. This choice was made specifically to prevent the kind of targeting happening to other platforms such as Parlor, who have been removed from the App Store and Google play store. They’ve even had their hosting removed from Amazon Web Services. Radmob’s hosts are private and non-partisan. We will not be affected or intimidated by media mobs. We will always prioritize freedom of speech over everything else.

What is happening to freedom of speech and other basic human rights is simply unacceptable. Radmob fights to protect those rights, and encourages you to do the same. Call your local congressman, petition your municipality, and most importantly, use Radmob, the only completely free platform that you can use to support freedom of speech for yourself, friends, family, and country. Even the world.

Radmob is originally a Canadian made service. As Canadians, we have seen our rights stripped from us before our very eyes for several years. America, don’t let that happen to you. Everyone else, fight back. Start here. We support you and your rights.

So, if you haven’t already, be sure to bring your friends and family over to Radmob. We will treat you all with respect like the family you are to us. We are all in this together for humanity and it’s inherent rights. Let’s fight together.

Alex, owner and creator of Radmob
Reminder that Radmob is a website and not an app so that we are not beholden to Facebook, Twitter, or anyone else’s agenda or terms of use. Our terms of use on Radmob are specifically designed to only protect our asses legally, and nothing more. Say and post whatever you want as long as it’s legal, and have fun knowing no one can stop you solely because they’re butthurt. (I can and will ban anyone who posts anything illegal, though. You’re not worth going to jail over, sorry.)
Reminder that online harassment cannot exist because using the internet is a choice and a privilege not a necessity or a right