Please keep in mind that Radmob is not an app, it is a website. This choice was made specifically to prevent the kind of targeting happening to other platforms such as Parlor, who have been removed from the App Store and Google play store. They’ve even had their hosting removed from Amazon Web Services. Radmob’s hosts are private and non-partisan. We will not be affected or intimidated by media mobs. We will always prioritize freedom of speech over everything else.

What is happening to freedom of speech and other basic human rights is simply unacceptable. Radmob fights to protect those rights, and encourages you to do the same. Call your local congressman, petition your municipality, and most importantly, use Radmob, the only completely free platform that you can use to support freedom of speech for yourself, friends, family, and country. Even the world.

Radmob is originally a Canadian made service. As Canadians, we have seen our rights stripped from us before our very eyes for several years. America, don’t let that happen to you. Everyone else, fight back. Start here. We support you and your rights.

So, if you haven’t already, be sure to bring your friends and family over to Radmob. We will treat you all with respect like the family you are to us. We are all in this together for humanity and it’s inherent rights. Let’s fight together.

Alex, owner and creator of Radmob
Fixed an issue with icons loading on Chrome and disabled Email notifications by default. More updates in the works! Hoping to get push notifications working, still doing some research into the safe and secure way to do that. Any other ideas? Let us know!
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Welcome to radmob!

This social platform is designed around the principle of freedom of speech. We do not ban users based on their ideology or beliefs, we do not promote a particular agenda, aside from that of freedom of speech. We are here because we need to be, not because we want to be. In a time when users are mass-banned from social media simply for having a difference of opinion, we needed to exist. So here we are.

I started radmob after receiving several Facebook bans in a row this year, for seemingly no reason at all. When trying to look at the offending post, it wasn't even able to be viewed. I wasn't even sure I was being banned for a reason anymore. That's why radmob had to exist. People shouldn't have to deal with that.

On radmob, users will have their content removed only if it violates the law. I'm not going to jail, and you shouldn't either. If it violates the law, such as the DMCA, for example, we will have to comply with such a takedown order. No, we won't abuse that like Youtube often seems to. However, for the most part, you're free to say, think, and post whatever you like on radmob.

Welcome to the social media platform for you, your friends, and your family. Welcome home.